WOD 13 April: A stroll in the park/Happy times.

13 Apr

We cancelled today’s WOD in favour of a relaxing stroll in the park, admiring the blossom and raising our caps to passers by.

Very relaxing.

Oh, ok, we didnt really. What we did do was run very fast.

6 x 35m really.

All in preparation for the soon to be announced RAST test.

Clap clap!

So then we popped back to the box for a 13minute team AMRAP of 20x back raises, 20x thrusters with cute variations for teams and singles.

It was the first outing for the CrossFit London’s GHDs; a twisted mix of jump boxes and scaffolding.

GHDs: CrossFit London style!

2 thoughts on “WOD 13 April: A stroll in the park/Happy times.

  1. No hamstring stiffness this morning which given the WOD I find puzzling?

  2. The only thing that this suggests to me is that perhaps you are not actually running correctly…

    Running: You're doing it wrong

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