Barefoot Journey…nice to have alternatives…well, possibly!

11 Apr

One of the great things about barefoot running is that you actually start switching the muscles of your feet back on. You can actually feel the ground rather than bouncing around with a pair of pillows on your feet. Which begs the question, do you always need to run barefoot to feel the floor?

Well obviously the flatter you buy your trainers, the less bounce and “fluffy” pillow effect you get. So everyone is beginning to look at shoes with less and less support, hence “Five Fingers” have become very popular. The only unpopular bit is the price. And yes I know all the  “blah, blah” you get what you pay for, but let’s face it, what could be better than inexpensively delivering what you need?

So I started looking at flatter shoes like the pair featured above.  Solid rubber soles I thought.


Hidden padding...the bastards!

Even this cheap and nasty pair had a built in “aero-pocket running facilitator” with a high squidge (this may not be a word!) factor. So try and find a back up pair of shoes to compliment your barefoot running for those days when you don’t fancy going unshod.

I am experimenting with a pair of  Rucanor Albufeira Aqua socks (£5), and we will let you know if they are ok.

5 thoughts on “Barefoot Journey…nice to have alternatives…well, possibly!

  1. a couple of things

    1) sam sent me this link to make your own minimalist footwear, ill give it a go,
    and, for the record, wearing
    Rucanor Albufeira Aqua socks (£5), turned out to be an agonising disaster. to make it clear, they are probably fine for slopping around a beach ( what they were designed for) my unauthorised use, especially running a RAST test in them, almost crippled my achilles. 2 days of agony.

    ow ( not my original choice of words)

  2. i know its sort of not barefoot running, but I was able to get a day of relief in the gym by wearing my olympic lifting shoes which seemed to give some support, and, frankly, was a lot warmer than vibrams.

    tried wearing my normal dress shoes, and that felt ok…. so maybe its not barefoot v shoes , it could be barefoot v squashy rubber.

    are football boots firm or squashy?

  3. If people are worried about the price of Vibrams, there are lots of cheap rip offs on the net, and the annoying thing is that a lot of them are more attractive in design than the genuine ones. Some people point out that they are lesser quality, but at the end of the day you are buying a shoe that is designed not to offer support or cushioning, and simply provide a minimal barrier between your feet and the ground. Therefore, if the fake ones do this, they are fulfilling the same need at a much better price.
    I personally like to support the genuine manufacturers as the concept has made a huge difference to my body, and I struggled with a very painful muscle imbalance for months until I found Vibrams, which immediately corrected it. Therefore I am very grateful for their innovative design. But if it weren’t for that, I would consider the cheapies. My two cents…

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