Be Better Dressed [Official CrossFit London Neck Scarf]

07 Apr

If there’s one thing people are ALWAYS saying to us, it’s:

Wow! You guys (and gals) dress really, really well.

After a moment of contemplation, this is often followed by the query:

Dudes. What’s with the scarves?

And we tend to mumble something along the lines of, “Well, it’s a little cold in here…” or, “I‘ve got a stiff neck” or sometimes, “I just like the snuggley feeling of soft cotton against my skin*“.

This is all a cleverly constructed bluff, however. The real reason that we ‘rock the neck scarf’ here at CrossFit London is quite simple:

Scarves. Are. Awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that we decided to have some super-special, limited edition CrossFit London ones made!

Some features:

  • Made of space age (it’s still cool to say that, right?), moisture-wicking microfibre
  • Warm in the winter, cool anytime!
  • Microfibre treated with silver to make it bacteria resistent i.e. non-smelly if you don’t wash it for weeks
  • Colour safe printing won’t bleed or fade in the wash
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Features the names of lots of CrossFit exercises (you know, in case you forget…)
  • ‘Crouching squirrel. Hidden kitten’

If that hasn’t already sold you (and it really should have), then perhaps you need a visual demonstration of just how many new ‘looks’ the CrossFit London neck scarf can give you.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger version.

Note: For a couple of the shots I needed to brush my hair ‘out’. Do not be alarmed.

The Official CrossFit London Neck Scarf: £15

*Usually, Andrew.

7 thoughts on “Be Better Dressed [Official CrossFit London Neck Scarf]

  1. They’re truly versitastic, I can vouch that they handle sub-zero tempratures/altitude with aplomb!

  2. Good to see you modeling the tourniquet look Steven, finally we can tell Andrew to stop worrying about the inherent danger of many of the Crossfit moves that he just has to teach us….. ;)!

  3. Okay am I the only gullible one here? Steven that isn’t your hair brushed out is it? I am probably going to regret posting this in this forum, but I am truly mind boggled! For this reason alone, I will purchase one. haha.

  4. Hahahahhahahahaaaaa LOVE IT! Steve I expect to see you rockin that ‘brushed out’ look at the next early bird class!

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