WOD 14 April: The Flipping BIG FUN Wednesday [Adult Gymnastics]

14 Apr

Wednesday night is adult gymnastics night .

For adults, not snotty, spotty teenagers who can fling themselves into any position and bounce out smiling.

This gymnastics class is designed for terrified adults beginners who want to learn how to handstand, handstand forward roll, muscle up, lever and back flip (to name just a few cool moves). We teach you to be a basic gymnast, and more importantly we teach you how to spot others and keep them safe.

So, if you can fight off the tears of terror long enough to book yourself into these interesting (fun, supportive) sessions, and add some Crossfit London gymnastics to your skill set, we will see you there.

Kate is lifted through her back flip by Stefan and Sophia

And by the way, bloody well done to both classes tonight!

3 thoughts on “WOD 14 April: The Flipping BIG FUN Wednesday [Adult Gymnastics]

  1. This was THE BEST fun ever! I was pretty terrified before the class, but everything is do-able with spotting. Thanks Sophie and Stefan for my handstand roll and back-flip!

    Never thought I’d say this, but Gymnastics Rock!

  2. I echo that sentiment – in my mind, this is the sort of thing that really sets CrossFit apart from so many other “approaches” out there.

    Having been big, strong, fast and fit at various times in my life, I have NEVER possessed the skill and flexibility to do this sort of work and up until now, I couldn’t find an affordable club or coach serious about teaching me.

    I will be back for all of these sessions and then I think, begging Andrew to set up a weekly “side-line” to keep the skills well practised!

    LOVE IT!

    PS. Kate and Sophie – good spotting! One day, I will learn to orientate myself whilst upside down and then you guys won’t have quite so much work to do 😉

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