WOD 28 April: Gymnastics Wednesday

29 Apr

Kate adds to her “in the air, upside down, on her hands” time  as she goes for her handstand forward roll combo into our soft and fluffy (aka safe) mat.

Way to go girl!

Tonight’s session was handstand, forward roll, then combinations (i.e. handstand forward rolls)

The practise WOD was:

  • 2 handstand forward rolls
  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 leg raises
  • 7 lunges ( well, across the room)

AMRAP in 12mins (not designed to drive you to the edge of exhaustion, just to get some practise in)

Some groups practised the L sit while other groups worked on the muscle up and cross progressions.

Sam works on his cross

The 1830 class went for supportive back flip practise with some moving from being lifted through, to others putting a bit of juice in.

See the photos for more insight on the CrossFit London page on Flickr.

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