It’s Beginner Bonanza, and drop-in WODs at LUNCHTIME! Woo hoo!

20 Apr

The problem with lunchtimes is that most bosses are very mean and only give you an hour to lunch or train.

This can mean attending a physical fitness class can be a bit difficult. So we thought, how about a physical fitness class that starts when you get there? And guess what – we have the ideal product for you. Crossfit is (in)famous for its high-intensity workouts, some of which last only 4 – 5 minutes (and believe me, they are the hardest of your life).

However, most of our sessions are structured based on a strength and /or skill component – designed to make you strong not grotesquely bulky – followed by a WOD (or Workout of the Day, where we mix and match fun stuff in a high-intensity, but scaleable format). During the morning and evening sessions, everyone arrives at the same time and trains together. But we know because of time pressure. somtimes you need to get in, get it done, get out again. So, we have a one month experiment…

During May, our lunchtime sessions will be  2 hours long: between 12.00 and 2.00, which means you can drop in at 12, 12.15. 1.10.(get the idea) Whatever time works for you –  get the goodness and go.

But (there is always a but!) this is fine if you have attended our Beginner Course, because you will know what to do. Our Beginner Courses can be quite difficult to access (5.30pm Wed, 11.00am Sunday), so during these new, expanded lunchtime sessions,  you can also come along and learn the skills you’ll need to start training with us.

Monday will be beginner Squats (12.45 to 1.15)

Wednesdays will be beginner Presses (12.45- 1.15)

Friday will be beginner Deadlifts  (12.45- 1.15)

This means if you are a regular Crossfitter, you can bring your mates along, and train while they’re learning.

It will be a bit confusing as, while we are trying to teach you these skills, we will need to keep an eye on the stuff the other folk are doing. With your support and patience, I’m sure we will fit it all in.
These led beginners sessions will be starting at 12.45 to 1.15.

Starting Monday 3 May (yes we know that’s a bank holiday). Book your place by hitting the getting started button

3 thoughts on “It’s Beginner Bonanza, and drop-in WODs at LUNCHTIME! Woo hoo!

  1. Ive run the first of the user consultations and the feeling is that the strength component in these sessions may be a bit too much, so it will probably be a drop in WOD.

    So, don’t see this written in stone,

  2. well, as a follow up, these sessions did not work, and lunch time remained quiet, so the sessions were cancelled!!.

    there is a “normal” lunch time session on friday at 12 till1.

    beginners are on saturday and sunday.

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