Real life stories: Gary in month 3 “Staying Motivated”

07 Apr

Three months down the Crossfit London Road and Gary is still making excellent progress. It’s been a difficult month as I have been away for a month island hopping in Thailand.  I was keen for Gary to not become despondent and saw this month apart as an opportunity for development.  We had already agreed to start the 100 Days of Burpees challenge and while away we would both continue with this. As I write this we only have three days left!

My time away raised questions about what kind of training I could do apart from the burpees.  The numbers were now high enough to be considered as a WOD on their own, but variety keeps you motivated.  I packed my rings and decided I could hang them from a tree or something suitable.  I stayed on Ko Lanta in a beautiful beach hut resort called Nautilus run by a friendly Dane called Carson. Sure enough found a suitable tree in the grounds and was soon performing WODS in the evenings.  This raised quite a bit of interest and provided an opportunity to preach the word that is Crossfit. In fact I have recruited two new students for the next iCourse.

Carson was so taken with the rings I decided to leave them as a gift. He promised to build a frame for them, for all to use. So any Crossfitters planning on holidaying on Lanta I recommend you look up Nautilus Bay.

For me this as high-lighted just how portable and versatile Crossfit can be and being on holiday does not have to mean the end of training.  Upon my return I met up with Gary and was amazed how much he had changed again.  His shoulders are now like footballs! We caught up with what he had been doing.  He stated that the burpees were now all consuming and fitting them into the day and WODS was a real challenge.  He had started to record his times and reps on a spread sheet and recognised this was key to staying motivated. Gary had also attended the Crossfit London dead lift seminar coached by the excellent Chet form FKUK. I am very proud to say that he lifted 200 KG’s the heaviest lift of the day.

With this in mind we decided to make the Crossfit Total our next WOD to gauge his progress in the strength lifts. I think the table below says it all.

Gary’s CrossFit Totals

Week 1 Week 2
Back squat


Strict press 72kg 82kg
Deadlift 152kg 180kg

Gary was both pleased and disappointed, he had hoped to Deadlift over 200kg, but once I explained that this lift was following one rep’ max’s of squats and presses he understood this may not be possible.  Lifting heavy is subject to so many variables, time of day, last meal, rest periods, temperature etc…

Still Gary has made an impressive gain in his CFT; he is now just short of the magic 1000lbs.

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  1. That much progress in a week, or am I misreading something?

    Anyway, congrats on a 900+ CFT, Gary.

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