WOD 20 April: Start of the squat journey

20 Apr

It’s all out there, stuff from the Westside Barbell club, Rippetoe, Zatsiorsky and Poliquin, to name but a few.

But squatting is still a mystery for many people.

Today we begin the Crossfit London squat journey, that we hope will be littered with Personal bests and Record breaking lifts.

Every Tuesday and Friday , Andrew Stemler will focus the evening session on the development of the squat ( both front and back). Sure there will b e a WOD afterwards, and some flexibility and some skills, but the core function of these sessions will be to boost your performance through the roof using original Crossfit principles, supported by sports science and the clinical experience of experts and champions.

Naturally, by including a high intensity WOD after  squat work, we risk compromising some of the strength gains we can achieve, but we want the strength gains to improve our running, deadlifting, burpees, box jumps and other functional skills. Our members run, dance, fight, arrest, put out fires and play sports, and just want to be fit. Obsessing about strength as a component alone in a box,  is not what these sessions are about; it’s about increasing the squat and feeding the benefits immediately back into what we do.

So, keep a look out for Tuesday and Friday  evening sessions, and we will try and post  up as much of the science as we can.

But, lesson one, always get enough sleep!

So, I’m off to bed, but not before I say to Efe “good job” on the 2.5kg increase, and I loove you all to the others who gave their all in tonight’s squatting session followed by the awful:

  • 5 l-pull-ups
  • 10 Handstand push-ups
  • 15 Box jumps

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes…

6 thoughts on “WOD 20 April: Start of the squat journey

  1. 75kg for Tom and I on the fronts and almost 7 rounds for me (I think Tom got 8 – impressive!). In my defence I did pull a muscle in my right Trapezius, half way through the wod (yes I know Andrew excuses, excuses!), but soldiered on regardless……
    Couldn’t sleep last night and one of the Dr’s here at work recommended a neck brace. I simply asked him how I was supposed to do the gymnastics wod tonight wearing that? Silly man!! ;P

  2. This has left me ruined! Not been able to sleep properly for the last two nights. How can so much of my body ache so badly from teeny tiny rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 L-Handstand push-ups, and 15 Box jumps?

    Tip from the top: When hunting for a decent co-codamol hit at 2am in the morning, you should pick the generic version. Solpadeine has caffeine in it. I couldn’t comment on the Paleo-ness of either.

    Tonight’s WOD had better be flower arranging, or I’m switching to ballroom dancing lessons.

  3. thats very interesting as kate and i are considering bringing our old ballroom teacher to run a session on saturday afternoons…… not committed as we need to find the time to do our massage diplomas.

  4. Of course it will be ‘functional’ dancing! How to Rumba under heavy mortar fire. Or something…

  5. AAAARGGH! Can’t believe I missed this one! Squats and I are old enemies – need to improve mine drastically.

    Tuesdays and Fridays here I come…

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