WOD 21 April: Adult Gymnastics

21 Apr

Well, in an action-packed gymnastics based evening, we discovered that:

  • Phil can backward roll into a handstand
  • Rosie has enough strength to hold a handstand
  • Efe has loads of spirit (but we sort of already knew that)
  • Kate can kick up to  handstand on her own
  • Stefan cannot read a map upside down
  • Guy is quite near the cross
  • Kieran is tough

So Wednesday evening is, simply, the session that makes heroes.

The 50-minute teaching was finished off by a nasty, highly intense WOD: today’s, the lovely

“Secret Service snatch test” .

Get the heaviest kettlebell you can cope with, and snatch it as many times as you can in 10 minutes.


3 thoughts on “WOD 21 April: Adult Gymnastics

  1. 120 at 16kg in 5.5min
    53 at 12kg in the final 4.5min.

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