WOD 10 April: Team workout

10 Apr

An uncharacteristically warm, and sunny day greeted our athletes this morning.

So we monkeyed around on the rings doing some holds, turn-outs, and flaps, before accumulating 30 seconds worth of l-sit holds on the rings. Still time for some skin-the-cats and back lever progressions, before heading to the floor for the planche progressions.

And we still had the WOD to do!

Team workout

  • 1600m run (4x block runs)
  • 50 power cleans
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 150 sit-ups
  • 800m run (2x block runs)

This was split up between teams of two; one partners works while the other rests. The objective: to finish in the quickest time.

Good times… 🙂

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