WOD 26 April: “Carlos wept”

26 Apr

Today’s sessions had a different feel to them. We started up with a ‘snatch clinic’; breaking the movement down into its component parts before building it back up in to the full sequence. Lots of emphasis on jumping aggressively to ‘full extension’ with the hips, and catching the bar low.

Some really impressive technique building up now from quite a few folks.

‘Hat tip’ goes to Nadia from the 1830 session, who went from no experience to an impressive snatch over the course of 40mins! I’d like to put it down to OUTSTANDING COACHING, but in reality it was good old fashioned hard work on her part.

Kirsty also moved on very nicely over the course of the session. In doing so she inadvertently created a brand new lift which somehow combined a bicep curl with the deadlift. I haven’t come up with an appropriate name for it yet…

Both Danielle (visiting again from Norfolk), Erika and Kate also showed great form!

Some big lifts from Carlos, John, Warren and Ruairi as well.

Very fine efforts as always from all! ‘Twas a pleasure, to be sure.

Oh yes, then all we had to do was finish today’s WOD…

“Carlos wept”

200 kettlebell swings (24kg/16kg)

For those of you who haven’t yet met our wonderful Texan friend, Carlos (he tends to hang out at the 0630 sessions), all you need to know is that he really, really doesn’t like this WOD. Not even a little bit.

Erika, Cindy and Rosie
Erika, Cindy and Rosie

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