WOD 25 May: Gymnastic Tuesday

25 May

As our fabulous gymanstic is coach had taken a tumble in a cheerleading class on monday, and was resting up in hospittal, our lovely adult gymnasts were tortured by nasty Andrew.Amid cries of ” bring back amelia” and “amelia we love you” the relentless tide of pain ebbed and and flowed. Back to back squatting was shunted into wall squat holds, dishes and toes to bar and wheelbarrows swirled into little waves of discomfort.

Wall squats are not fun

It was a relief to focus on the snap up and then practise handstands, rolls and cartwheels, I can tell you

Good Job everyone.

Amelia is back next week!! Sign up early.

But, in the meantime, Get well Amelia,  we need you back

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