Sally is running the 5km ‘Race for Life’ on July 31st, Clapham Common

26 May

Hey Gang!

As you can see from the header I am going to be running the Race for Life 5km – a serious feat for someone who doesn’t do running!

I am planning to run in memory of my wonderful mother who died last August from a rare form of  cancer.  She was an amazing lady who is up there looking down at our Thursday night beastings feeling very proud of her girl. She never quite understood why you would want to train in such a way but she did enjoy hearing about what new method of torture I was into.

So I am calling out to all you good good people and asking for some sponsorship. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. Any amount is welcome as all the pennies adds up.

Also if anyone fancies coming down on the day to cheer us all along  it would be lovely to see a few familiar faces. Of course a well deserved drink after!!!

Here is the link to the sponsorship page.

Thank you all in advance – it’s much appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Sally is running the 5km ‘Race for Life’ on July 31st, Clapham Common

  1. This is a brilliant cause, and I’ll sponsor you gladly.

    I did the race for life a few years ago: no I certainly didn’t RUN it – was very heavy so I walked it slowly!I did it for my sister who had breast cancer at the time. She’s recovered and is totally fine now.

    Your mum will certainly be smiling down on you from Heaven. Go, Sally!

  2. Good on you Sal – I’d be happy to sponsor you. Oh, and thanks for last night -oh me aching body 😉

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