A note on our programming

09 May

As you may have noticed, Andrew and I have spent some time ‘tinkering’ with the programming at CrossFit London recently. This may explain why things have a been a little haphazard lately. I mean, more haphazard than normal…

Needless to say, we do like to experiment, listen to feedback and constantly try and improve what we are doing.

So far we have experimented with:

  • Main Site (Crossfit.com) programming
  • Gymnastics focused sessions
  • Kettlebell focused sessions
  • Strength biased sessions
  • Some of our own programming
  • Heavy squats
  • Benchmark days

Some of it has worked well, some of it has been met with indifference. All of it seems to have made a notable improvement in the fitness and performance of our clients. Which is why we are all here, after all!

However, we are also aware that different folks have a variety of different goals when it comes to training. To this end we are going to shape the next few months of CrossFit London’s programming around a model of predictable unpredictability (or do I mean unpredictable predictability..?)

  • Monday – Olympic lifting & metcon
  • Tuesday – Gymnastics & metcon
  • Wednesday – Lower body strength & metcon
  • Thursday – Kettlebells/metcon
  • Fridays – Upper body strength & metcon
  • Saturday – ‘Random’ CrossFit programming
  • Sunday – ‘Random’ CrossFit programming

The Monday, Wednesday, and Friday programming will be following Coach Rutherford’s Max Effort Black Box template. This is primarily a strength and power programme, where we will cycle through olympic lifts and powerlifting movements. Each session is followed by a 5-20 min classical CrossFit workout. Folks coming to the 0630 sessions for the last couple of months will be familiar with this by now!

We have moved the gymnastics focused sessions to Tuesday evenings, and brought on board two specialist coaches (more about those guys later!) These sessions will continue to be a challenging mixture of skills practise and bodyweight workouts.

Those of you looking for a good old-fashioned beasting, will be pleased to hear that Sally’s Thursday night Kettlebell Hell will continue in earnest. Fair warning…

Saturday and Sunday will draw from pool of workouts under the broad heading of ‘constantly varied, functional movements’. New trainer Anna will taking on the Saturday sessions, and Andrew and I will play pot-luck with Sundays.

5 thoughts on “A note on our programming

  1. Interesting,

    I must admit my initial reaction is that I liked not knowing what kind of WOD I would be getting each day.

    It meant that I could not be in any way tactical about what night I came and, consciously or not, avoid the things I didn’t like which are often the areas I need to most work on.

    However,I will not poo-poo attempts at development. Excellent training is excellent training and I have every faith i will get just as good a beasting as always!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Amelia.

      The WODs themselves will continue to be just as much a surprise (unpleasant or otherwise) as before. And we will continue to cycle through all the movements as we have always done.

      Plus nothing is forever; we’ll doubtless come up with an even better plan in a few months time (once we’ve moved, perhaps!)

  2. As I mentioned last night, I’d like to recommend Crossfit Strength Bias, perhaps combined with the 5-3-1 program for when people get to intermediate level (not a problem for most of us in Crossfit London yet).

    The general idea is to get a new 3rm or 5rm PB for one lift each workout, over the course of 3-4 sets, then work up to improving a 20rm, then put in a regular Crossfit workout (although avoiding particularly long workouts.)

    Personally, I don’t like the MEBB workouts (although for the Olympic lifts, they make more sense). Too many sets just wear me out and burn time. The extra time could be spent on skills.

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