Wod 12 May : Squats, pistols and some stuff.

12 May

a fun combination of stuff

a heavy back squat session of

followed by, for many  a  1st  taste of , “pistols”

followed by

  • 7 dips
  • 7 sit ups
  • 7 pull ups,

amrap 12 mins… yum yum

you stick your left foot out, and you shake it all about......
Visiting crossfitter Elizabeth digs in on her way to a back squat PB

4 thoughts on “Wod 12 May : Squats, pistols and some stuff.

  1. Wow congratulations Kieran! Close to 2x BW?

    For me it was 110×5,120×5, 130×5, 140×3, 140×3

    managed 7 rounds and a bit on the AMRAP

  2. Naw, not nearly 2xBW. I’m not sure what I weigh, but it’s somewhere between 1.7 and 1.8, according to the calc.

    Had to scale the ring dips with bands. 7 rounds is v. impressive.

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