WOD 13th MAY

13 May

What a fun WOD I thought mid afternoon while I test ran todays workout.

The smiles on the peoples faces tell it all

Check out the smiles!

We started off with a 6 minute count! An 800m run followed by as many OHS. On hearing this Efe made a point of running slow to leave less time for OHS (smart guy!)

We had a muck around with some cleans (and I dont mean cleaning the floor)

Followed by 5 rounds of

5/8 muscle up transitions

10 powercleans 40/60kg

Alley Run

Ben needed a lay down poor thing!

Catching some zzzzz's
Catching some zzzzz's

My Kettlebell Hell next up!

Good to see Rita back!

We worked on our clean. Progressively heavier 555333 Using the strength from Monday’s WOD  to see further improvements from Jahn. Good work!

Their WOD  Amrap 15 minutes

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats

Kb Snatch Progressive (first round one snatch each arm, 2nd round 2 snatches and so on)

Nice WOD……… till you get to the snatches!

Why did they out the snatch in??? He asked.
Why did they out the snatch in??? He asked.

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