WOD 16 May: Team trouble

16 May

Funny old session on Sunday morning. Bit of a bumper turnout.

Little bit of skills work before we embarked on a team workout. Three teams of four people each tackled:

Team Trouble

Four rounds for points

Each team member spends one minute at each station before rotating to the next. Each round lasts four minutes.

  • Wall ball (for reps)
  • Alleyway run carrying a plate overhead
  • Deadlifts (for reps)
  • Push-ups (for reps)

Judging by the looks I got afterwards I can confidently state: it wasn’t much fun!

So, job done, then!

Niam and Andrew wall ball
Niam and Andrew wall ball

We also had the delight of a brand new crop of beginners this week. Joining ‘veteran’ Yas, we had Ed, Stephanie, Sophie and Nicky beginning their CrossFit London journey this week. Welcome, guys!

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  1. Alleyway run is a bit of a misnomer – personally jog, walk, stagger was closer.

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