WOD 19: May Mayhem followed by PB heaven

20 May

The night was thick with “whoots” and  “whoops” as Deadlift PB after Deadlift PB’s was smashed at Crossfit London UK tonight.

All the more satisfying as these inspirational performance were after the participants had knocked out a cheeky 5 rounds of

  • 10 front squats (cleaned)
  • block run

I have posted some  videos  below, but they seem to be a bit erratic  showing up .

Here are the direct links if they do not show ( the “You Tube” Boxes seem to become visible in 20 seconds or so)







6 thoughts on “WOD 19: May Mayhem followed by PB heaven

  1. is there a way we can have a blackboard and post our times? I think it’d be good if we saw could compare our times with the other classes. Maybe you could post the picture each night? Just a thought, don’t know how everyone else feels.

  2. some interesting ideas. struggling with the 3 You Tube clips that I think Ive already loaded…..steven, help….

    I tend to be against posting mass scores as everyone should be focusing on improving their performance, not in worrying about what a faster stronger person did. But people can, of course, post their times under comments

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