WOD 27 May: New Coach in town!!!!

28 May

So just in case some of you missed the joke, I made a boo while training and trapped my finger in the rack (evil rack). It made a beautiful bruise on my finger and swelled to the size of a melon (maybe a slight exaggeration!)

Anyway the finger became the assistant coach for the night.

Dividing the class into whether or not I should burst the swelling or leave it as a badge of honour!? After much thought I decided to leave it alone. I must add the photo doesn’t do the colour of my finger justice……

Anyway I guess I should get down to the WOD……

Strength 5×5 Back Squats

Good form from Alec.
Good form from Alec.

5 rounds for time of

Trevor is a good swinger!
Trevor is a good swinger!

400m Run and 30 KB Swings 16/24kg

My camera busted before I could get to the 6.30 class -boo hoo.

For my Kettlebell Hell gang we did our back squats then into some new moves for most of them…

2x each arm

3 Snatches

2 Turkish get ups

1 Windmill

We spend a good 25mins practising our technique and the eased into this gentle (?) WOD.

Nice work from Newbie Sophie!!! Whoop Whoop

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