WOD 29 May: Fight Gone Bad [Benchmark Day]

29 May

Today’s was the year’s third FGB (already!) as a CrossFit London benchmark WOD, and the guys turned up today with fire in their bellies ready to crush it.

Fight Gone Bad

One minute of activity per station, before moving to the next. One round is complete when the athlete has visited each of the five stations (five minutes). The workout lasts three rounds with a one minute rest in between rounds.

  • Wall ball (9kg) to a 10′ target
  • Sumo deadlift high pull (35kg)
  • Push-press (35kg)
  • Box jump (20″ box)
  • Row (for calories)
Alex box jumps
Alex box jumps

Some terrific, gutsy efforts from FGB first-timers Ed, Alex, Morgan and Yahn. Really impressed by the way these guys pushed through the pain. And some impressive scores to aim for when we revisit this workout in July.

I wanted to really highlight some outstanding performances from three people from today.

First of all Warren (who some believe is superhuman). With little fuss or bother he smashed through the workout with a massive score of 387, bettering his previous best by 20-ish. Outstanding effort!

Brett has done this workout a couple of times before, but never with the prescribed weight. Today he managed to get within 10 points of his previous best whilst simultaneously moving up to the full RX’d weight. A really gutsy performance that shows how quickly he is progressing.

Finally, Yuri. I have to admit that watching Yuri flying through this workout brought a little tear to my eye. He threw himself full-force at each of the stations, never giving up, rarely resting, and kept going until the very last second. The result? He smashed his previous best (from two months ago) by 41 points, scored over 200 for the first time (228). Well done Yuri! Truly inspirational.

Yuri gets stuck in to the row
Yuri gets stuck in to the row

It’s days like this that remind me why I CrossFit, and why Andrew and I set up the gym.

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  1. Thanks very much for all your efforts guys and for being so inspirational. Couldn’t be where I am at without your help!

    bloody hell those weights felt heavy, then I saw Warren just tossing them around the room. Never seen anything like it……

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