WOD 6th May

06 May

Today’s 4.30 class – The kids did well! Swings and Snatches were on the menu. Perfecting the technique and getting the hips thrusting!

Nice WOD to reward them 400m Run followed by -20 Pull ups, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Push ups and to finish it off nicely with a 400m Run.

Kash gets air!
Kash gets air!

Next lot up had squats, squats and more squats!!!!

After a few exercises to loosen up the old hips, a bit of overhead squat practice and then into an AMRAP WOD

20 squats and Alley run (20 mins)

By the end of the session I think everyone was pretty tired of squats but boy the practice is always a good thing.

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