WOD 9 May: “No burpees for Mark” & Beginners

09 May

This clearly needs some explanation.

After yesterday’s WOD Mark came up to me and begged asked me to ensure that burpees were not going to be included in today’s session.

Now typically we a) programme ahead of time, and b) don’t tell people what is coming up next anyway. So call me sentimental if you like (edit: actually, don’t do that) but I thought I would bear this in mind and come up with something more appropriate.

In honour of Mark, I called it:

“No Burpees for Mark”

As many rounds as possible in 20 mins

  • Alleyway run
  • 15 Kettlebell thrusters
  • 10 Box step-ups with kettlebells
  • 5 Pull-ups
Anna does the Alleyway run
Anna does the Alleyway run
Tamas kettlebell thrusters
Tamas kettlebell thrusters

A terrific effort from everyone with a tough WOD.

Except Mark, of course.

You see Mark didn’t actually turn up today after all…

Mark (if you are reading this): I see your future. It has burpees in it.

Fair warning…

On a more pleasant note, we welcomed another three beginners to CrossFit London this morning. Yas, Jennie and James all made their Blackboard Gym debut.

Squats were on the menu, along with presses and some kettlebell shenanigans. Good times!

Yas, Jennie and James
Yas, Jennie and James

4 thoughts on “WOD 9 May: “No burpees for Mark” & Beginners

  1. Fun workout. Running tired is very different from running fresh. I See A Great Need for sandbags…

    May I suggest “Burpees revenge on Mark”?

    Alternating minutes of burpees and pullups for total reps over 20 minutes…

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