WOD 30 June: Nancy and an Ab Dab

30 Jun

Nancy is a charming Crossfit original

5 rounds for time

  • Block run (470 m)
  • 15x 40kg Overhead Squat

Followed by todays Ab Dab

  • 10 leg raises
  • 10 Straight leg Crunches
  • 10 cycle crunches

x 5 rounds ( with a 10 minute guillotine)

the leg raise
Amelia demos the straight leg crunch
Daniel demos the cycle crunch

it was interesting to note that the fitness industry “rates” the knee to elbow and straight leg crunch, along with the swiss ball crunch. I think we are discovering that what the fitness industry sees as tough, is infact, self limiting, and non functional. A “leading” fitness group ace, commissioned this not  very convincing article article ” Best and Worst Abdominal exercises” . But. its amazing what come top if you limit your exercises and ignore gymnastics…..

Barefoot running: Sorting the problems (part 2)

30 Jun

This is a bit of a con, as I always intended that “part 2” would be about POSE running. It really should have been because without POSE you won’t really run properly. Nevertheless, POSE takes a while to master, so it’s back to the basics of:

  • Foot cuts,
  • Fat youth
  • Super glue

Which, as we all know, are the central issues of all barefoot running…(!)

Foot cuts

So, I managed to get my first nasty barefoot injury as predicted by, er, just about everybody.

“You’ll cut your feet!”

“‘Ere, bruv! Are you mad, bruv?”

But in my defence, it wasn’t really a running injury; I taught this month’s i-Course barefoot. It was great! No-one dared to comment, but during a mini break outside, having, as I always do, checked for glass, snakes, acid (yes I watch too many films…) I managed to swing my foot into the edge of a drain cover and sliced some of it off. No-one noticed the blood…I think…so when going barefoot, watch out for…er…. everything!

sliced some skin off my foot...urgh

Fat Youth (or is that yoof…?)

Especially ones that smoke drugs and waddle, will  get involved in your running and offer useful coaching tips like, “You’ll cut your feet!” and “‘Ere, bruv! Are you mad, bruv?”.

So barefoot run and make new friends.

Super glue

Your feet can get a bit tender, so build up the vulnerable bits of your feet with super glue. No danger, apart from the risk of cynide poisoning (so don’t do this unless you have checked with a doctor) and glueing yourself to the floor.

No matter what the pack says, superglue can still be tacky five minutes after application. Don’t glue your toes together, or your fingers to your eyelid, penis, etc. Well, not unless you are a very fast talker in casualty…


But it’s a useful layer of skin protection. I do it because I’m insane. Ask anyone…

Watch out for ‘POSE and Foot Mechanics’, coming soon…but in respect of my distance, I’m now up to 30 minutes steady state running, with no achilles pain, which has reminded me about how much I hate running. Well I suppose it’s better than direct self harm.

My relatives and fellow directors cannot get a sectioning order quite as easily…!

While England lost, the Crossfit London i-Course scored goal after goal

27 Jun

While England were being crucified by Germany, another fabulous Crossfit London UK  i-Course, (the best way to kick start your Crossfit training, and the ideal preparation for a Crossfit certification) was held in Bethnal Green at The Blackboard Gym.

The audience was treated to a hat trick of

  • some of the fundamental Crossfit moves
  • how to snatch and clean
  • and the world famous Crossfit London UK squat workshop

The afternoon was a goal mouth scramble of pull-ups. muscle-ups, some offside handstand push-ups, and abdominal stuff. Terrific!

” The fat girls new clothes” author, Kate Pankhurst made her i-Course debut  presenting  both the front squat and the press

Kate "elbows up" Pankhurst

Colin Menniss led the afternoon’s gymnastic moves, with affiliate owners Andrew “barefoot” Stemler and Steven “squirrels”  Shrago stepping in to fill the blanks, and going head-to-head in their infamous hip-hop snatch-off session.

The audience responded by pulling out some first ever muscle-ups, some great squats, and snatching like pros.

Kris pops out his first muscle up

A special thank you also goes to Umar and Chris as our special guest trainers.

Well done everyone. Check out more photos on the CrossFit London Flickr pages, here.

i-Course June 2010

The next i-Course is in August. Book your place now.

WOD 26 June: A Colin ‘special’

26 Jun

Two packed classes were treated to a “Colin special” this morning of a warm up of:

  • push up
  • sit up
  • air squat

Followed by the Burgner warm up…an olympic lifting set of developmental drills followed by a cute little WOD of:

5 rounds for time

  • 10 dips
  • 20 sit jups
  • 30 air squats
The team sets up for those 50 dips.....

Followed by a kipping/muscle up practise.

Woo hoo!

After that it was on to a great beginners session with Gemma, Millie  and Sarah all graduating to the main class.

Clap clap!

WOD 25 June: 60 push presses/Nicole on a box

25 Jun

An interesting combination.

20 push presses x 3 with 90 seconds rest (a Fran weight would be good)

Followed by “Nicole on a box” which aimed to test the proposition that 40 box jumps were a sub for a 400m run.

Nicole is the max pull up / block run (400m) AMRAP 20 minutes workout

After the workout was the first meeting of the Crossfit London UK Men’s group. Agenda items:

  • bonding
  • tom tom sessions
  • sweat lodge weekend
  • macrame workshops
Post-WOD Men's Group meeting

It’s an Abs….olute face off

25 Jun

Andrew and Sally cannot agree….

What combination of exercise would be most likely, on the balance of probabilities, to make someones abdominal muscles bleed?

It’s quite a talking point. But, no they cannot agree…

So every Wednesday and Thursday Andrew and Sally will compete with each other  in a mini, hip-hop style “Ab Off” to see who will be the first to induce maximum agony in your abs…

Hence the phrase, “the screaming Ab Dabs”

The only two conditions:

  • No “Ab Dab”  session can last more than 10 minutes…so a lovely post WOD treat to look forward to, and
  • Every “Ab Dab” session must be an original combination

WOD 24th June – Beasting Night is back!

24 Jun

Ok so I took a short break and and I trust Andrew wasn’t soft on you! But I’m back and had to show you who is boss so tonight was a toughie.

20, 20, 20 Back Sqauts (oh they felt sooooo good)

25 Pull ups

20 Press ups

15 Handstand push ups

400m Run (my kettlebell hell lovers replaced this with 80 Swings and boy did they love them!)

Loving those Swings
Loving those Swings

We did Amrap for 25 minutes, the goals was to reach 3 rounds and some of you smashed it by getting in a forth!!! You go Guys!!!!

Think the girls really liked this one.
Think the girls really liked this one.

We had some impressive form from Ben on his back squats, and awesome staying power from newbie Tran -Whoop Whoop doing it for the girls. Ed made an impressive first round with full on handstand push ups, definatly deserves a whoop!

All in all good to be back!!!!!!

Summer barbie! Saturday August 21st

24 Jun

The sun has got his hat on, England’s redeeming itself, and the Blackboard gym has lots of chalk. What else could we possibly do to make this lovely summer perfect?

A Crossfit London UK barbecue, that’s what!

Pimms, burgers, a proper chance to chat with your mates from class. Basking in a sunny alleyway if nice (cowering in the box if not).

Give us your ideas for what you think would make a spiffing summer party

. All Crossfit London UK athletes and a ‘plus one’ are welcome. (Andrew’s note. Nice partners only, wives, husbands, girl friends, boyfriend,  CP’s, mates, anyone who is nice!)

The  date, after loads of consultation is Saturday

  • 21 Aug

Please post any ideas  below or email us. We’ll get an idea of numbers nearer the time.


WOD 23 June: Face of pain

23 Jun

It was a hard choice for what was worse…

The first outing for “Efe’s Intro”:  the 10 rep of every fundamental move with some snatch practise chucked in for good measure…


The 5 x 10 reps front squat (70% 1 rep max)…playing with a “time under tension” of 40 to 70 seconds, and rest periods of 90 to 120 seconds. Hard.


The wednesday AB DABs of:

  • 5 hand stands
  • 10 knees to elbows
  • 15 dish rocks
  • x 3


The back Bridges.

According to Kate “it was all pretty awful”.

What ever your feeling, or thoughts, one thing is clear. Crossfit London trainees “give good face”

Helen, drives the bar up
Kate tries to rise above the pain and focuses on a far distant mountain
Top girl Kirsty fights the bar up
Philip looks to heaven for help
Trevor suffers on the floor
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