Barefoot running: Sorting the problems (part 2)

30 Jun

This is a bit of a con, as I always intended that “part 2” would be about POSE running. It really should have been because without POSE you won’t really run properly. Nevertheless, POSE takes a while to master, so it’s back to the basics of:

  • Foot cuts,
  • Fat youth
  • Super glue

Which, as we all know, are the central issues of all barefoot running…(!)

Foot cuts

So, I managed to get my first nasty barefoot injury as predicted by, er, just about everybody.

“You’ll cut your feet!”

“‘Ere, bruv! Are you mad, bruv?”

But in my defence, it wasn’t really a running injury; I taught this month’s i-Course barefoot. It was great! No-one dared to comment, but during a mini break outside, having, as I always do, checked for glass, snakes, acid (yes I watch too many films…) I managed to swing my foot into the edge of a drain cover and sliced some of it off. No-one noticed the blood…I think…so when going barefoot, watch out for…er…. everything!

sliced some skin off my foot...urgh

Fat Youth (or is that yoof…?)

Especially ones that smoke drugs and waddle, will  get involved in your running and offer useful coaching tips like, “You’ll cut your feet!” and “‘Ere, bruv! Are you mad, bruv?”.

So barefoot run and make new friends.

Super glue

Your feet can get a bit tender, so build up the vulnerable bits of your feet with super glue. No danger, apart from the risk of cynide poisoning (so don’t do this unless you have checked with a doctor) and glueing yourself to the floor.

No matter what the pack says, superglue can still be tacky five minutes after application. Don’t glue your toes together, or your fingers to your eyelid, penis, etc. Well, not unless you are a very fast talker in casualty…


But it’s a useful layer of skin protection. I do it because I’m insane. Ask anyone…

Watch out for ‘POSE and Foot Mechanics’, coming soon…but in respect of my distance, I’m now up to 30 minutes steady state running, with no achilles pain, which has reminded me about how much I hate running. Well I suppose it’s better than direct self harm.

My relatives and fellow directors cannot get a sectioning order quite as easily…!

2 thoughts on “Barefoot running: Sorting the problems (part 2)

  1. Unfortunately your comments about fat youths is appropriate even in trainers as I found out on my lovely block runs tonight.

    Are you thinking about a pose running seminar?

  2. How are you finding the superglue, I used to use it quite a bit for both feet and on blister on my hands but after a few days it can tend to crack with starp edges which seems to cause more problems than it solves

    I’ve had more success with rubbing feet with surgical spirits which tends to dry out the feet and help with dry skin(an army trick of old apparently)

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