Changes to the 3x week membership

12 Jun

The “three sessions per week” membership is our most popular membership option, and seems to be about right for the majority of our clients.

The only downside of this option is that it lacks a certain flexibility. For example if you can only make two sessions in one week, there is no way of “making up” the missed session the following week. Also, with holidays coming up, there is no way cram your sessions into a shorter timeframe so that you don’t ‘waste’ sessions if you’re away.

So…I have changed the parameters of the 3x/week option to allow a little more flexibility in how members use their sessions.

Put simply, members can now book up to four sessions per week on this membership. The total number of sessions available per monthly membership is still the same (13), but more flexibility is now possible.

For example, members can continue to schedule three sessions per week for four weeks as before. Or they could schedule four sessions per week, for three weeks. Or 2x/week for two weeks and 4x/week for 2 weeks. And so on!

There are no change to the price of the membership, and the change will come into effect from your next monthly renewal.

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