Do you remember your first CrossFit bruise? [Tell us a story]

13 Jun

Over the weekend, whilst running one of our CrossFit London Beginners sessions, the conversation turned to the risks associated with the sort of stuff that we do here every day.

Actually some of the things we do here are kind of dangerous, when you think about them; tossing loaded barbells into the air and catching them? Climbing up 15′ ropes? Hanging upside down from rings? Swinging cannonballs around your head?!

As you all know by now, we are sticklers for form and technique at CrossFit London. Very little escapes the eagle eyes of our coaches, and some nights all you will hear is the sound of corrections and adjustments being made. And to this extent our clients have an excellent record of avoiding injury in the gym.

But what about that other stuff? The dings, bumps and bruises that come with doing ‘real work’. Kettlebells bashing forearms. Barbells against shins. Ring straps rubbing on upper arms. Collar bone bruises from front squats and cleans.

For me, this is what makes CrossFit proper training for real life.

In the real world there are no elliptical cross trainers; there are cross country skis. There are no gravitrons; there are tree branches, walls and scaffolding (!) And there are no barbells, only luggage, pianos, and other heavy, odd shaped objects. And when you bump into that stuff or let it hit you, it hurts as well!

So with each bruise, scratch and ‘owie’ I see myself getting stronger and better prepared to take on the world. I try and wear them (and I have loads!) like little badges of honour; proof positive that I have put myself in harm’s way and survived.

After all bruises fade. Strength endures.

Do you remember your first CrossFit bruise? Tell us a story in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Do you remember your first CrossFit bruise? [Tell us a story]

  1. For the record the first CrossFit bruise that I can remember getting was courtesy of a crashing, out-of-control 12kg(!) kettlebell during snatch drills at an early i-Course in 2008.

    I remember grimacing each time I failed to snatch properly, and knew that the consequences were going to be painful. What made it worse was that I had broken my right wrist a few years beforehand and have a plate and some screws in there. Hitting it with anything is rather painful at the best of time, let alone bouncing a small iron cannonball off it.

    I can still recall staring wistfully at my bruised and swollen forearm the next day swearing I would never go near a kettlebell again…so that worked out well!

  2. during my 1st “filthy fifty” i caught my chin with bar on the push press… this drove my teeth into my lip ( i must have had my mouth open and relaxed)

    I didnt really notice it. I was, at this time training round the back of my House in stratford.

    It was only after the 3rd passer by asked me if i was OK that i glanced in the window and caught my reflection. Basically my lower face/ and chest was covered in blood.

    however, was chasing a good time so finished the WOD then cleaned up.

    Happy days

  3. Learning to clean is not much fun. Having tried wrapping up my neck with woolly scarves, I decided to just stop being such a wuss and tough it out. First (unprotected) clean went crashing into my chin. The second smashed my gullet. The third (and every rep after that) hit my collarbone. At work the next day the girls pointed at my mangled chest in horror; and asked pityingly “Are you and Andrew getting on ok?”

  4. The answer of course is yes, we do get on and there’s no domestic violence. But there’s plenty in the gym. While spotting him in a backflip, he dealt me such a stunning kick to the head I was seeing stars for an hour and had headaches for a week. Great fun!!

  5. Well I still have scars from my Crossfit misshap. I remember I was doing a WOD that consisted of deadlifts and box jumps (24″ metal box). I remember it was pretty high reps for the box jumps. Well I was on set 4 of 5 and just got with done the DLs, I was jumping on the box and I didn’t jump high enough and I hit the top of the box with my shoe and tipped it over a bit and landed on the edge with my shins. It created two holes in my shins that I still have. I didn’t box jump for a long time after that. And I still have issues jumping on anything higher than 20″.

  6. Well my first notable ‘bruise’ was during the first Fran benchmark session having just finished my 15 thrusters I proceeded to kip my pull-ups however as I was going ‘balls out’ to do a sub 7 minute I wasn’t really sure where I was, I dropped stright down on the kip instead of pushing away and heard an ominous tearing sound like my shorts had split it transpired however that I had torn my shoulder at the scapula/lat connection 6 weeks of physio and having to start pull-ups from scratch wasn’t fun however I was encouraged to continue training throughout my recovery which speeded things up considerably apparently keeps the body in repair mode. The other factor that aided my recovery was getting ice onto the effected area quickly and applying hot and cold treatments nightly this encourages blood flow and speeds recovery, no scars though! I do have a couple of rather fetching burn marks on my right thigh though from multiple rope climbing if your doing rope climbs in shorts make sure to gaffer tape your ankles up! Let’s be carefull out there!!

  7. Well I think Andrew has pointed out my first bruise to pretty much everyone. Its hard to hide a two inch scar on you shin. This lucky fella was courtesy of a box jump gone wrong.. it is safe to say that when Andrew tells you to land with both feet on the box it is probably best to follow his advice. To cut myself some slack the box was slippery from the punishment we were all enduring. Regardless, I am still alive and you know what they say … what doesn’t kill you … only postpones the inevitable.

  8. Two hideous box jump injuries reported. Now I feel totally vindicated in HATING and FEARING the blighters!

    Jumping onto nice soft mats – lovely!

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