Summer barbie! Saturday August 21st

24 Jun

The sun has got his hat on, England’s redeeming itself, and the Blackboard gym has lots of chalk. What else could we possibly do to make this lovely summer perfect?

A Crossfit London UK barbecue, that’s what!

Pimms, burgers, a proper chance to chat with your mates from class. Basking in a sunny alleyway if nice (cowering in the box if not).

Give us your ideas for what you think would make a spiffing summer party

. All Crossfit London UK athletes and a ‘plus one’ are welcome. (Andrew’s note. Nice partners only, wives, husbands, girl friends, boyfriend,  CP’s, mates, anyone who is nice!)

The  date, after loads of consultation is Saturday

  • 21 Aug

Please post any ideas  below or email us. We’ll get an idea of numbers nearer the time.


14 thoughts on “Summer barbie! Saturday August 21st

  1. Brilliant idea!!
    21st would be best as we’re away first 2 weeks in August.
    Nice one Kate

  2. Brill. I can do both days. Have a run on the 14th but I am figuring we are talking afternoon/evening?

  3. i may nag sophia and (law student) amelia to see if they can teach us the thriller dance, or a shorter version of it.


  4. Well this event is upon us… see you tomorrow from 2pm onwards… bring a bottle… bring food… bring happiness

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