Tuesday Gymnastics night…..1st June

02 Jun

Amelia, with her broken arm, got back in the driving seat today and kicked up the gymnastic skill level of London crossfitters

Amelia coaches with a broken arm... shes that tough! hgggwwwh!

But, we had to make sure she was up to our standards, “So”, we said, “you broke your arm, umm, try a cartwheel”


Gulp, that will do…

At Crossfit London we spend  a lot of time teaching our trainees the role that functional fitness has in both elite and everyday fitness. We are always encouraging our members to experiment with, and find useful outputs and relationships for, the physiological stresses we place upon them. Here are some discoveries from last night’s gymnastic session:

Kate discovers that if you hold boys upside down, all the change falls out of their pockets
Twyla investigates the physiological relationship between groin flexibility and Guy's facial expression

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