While England lost, the Crossfit London i-Course scored goal after goal

27 Jun

While England were being crucified by Germany, another fabulous Crossfit London UK  i-Course, (the best way to kick start your Crossfit training, and the ideal preparation for a Crossfit certification) was held in Bethnal Green at The Blackboard Gym.

The audience was treated to a hat trick of

  • some of the fundamental Crossfit moves
  • how to snatch and clean
  • and the world famous Crossfit London UK squat workshop

The afternoon was a goal mouth scramble of pull-ups. muscle-ups, some offside handstand push-ups, and abdominal stuff. Terrific!

” The fat girls new clothes” author, Kate Pankhurst made her i-Course debut  presenting  both the front squat and the press

Kate "elbows up" Pankhurst

Colin Menniss led the afternoon’s gymnastic moves, with affiliate owners Andrew “barefoot” Stemler and Steven “squirrels”  Shrago stepping in to fill the blanks, and going head-to-head in their infamous hip-hop snatch-off session.

The audience responded by pulling out some first ever muscle-ups, some great squats, and snatching like pros.

Kris pops out his first muscle up

A special thank you also goes to Umar and Chris as our special guest trainers.

Well done everyone. Check out more photos on the CrossFit London Flickr pages, here.

i-Course June 2010

The next i-Course is in August. Book your place now.

6 thoughts on “While England lost, the Crossfit London i-Course scored goal after goal

  1. Fabulous day. Learnt a massive amount from Andrew and the really friendly and helpful team. Would highly recommend the course.

  2. Thanks to all the team for a great day where I got to find out several new things I could do which I’d never thought of and a whole buch of stuff I can’t do – yet!

    It was way better than watching the football, that’s for sure

  3. Although I have been doing Crossfit for a couple of years now, I knew I still had some fine tuning to do. Your team has helped me with recognizing where my weaknesses are and what I need to focus on. Thank you so much for an informative day! Practice, practice, practice!!! Your manual is very handy too, so thank you!

  4. Thanks for a fantastic and very educational day. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and have loads to take back and add/change/refine to my own personal training. Great team, great people and a great day!

  5. What can i say other than a huge thank you to Steve, Andrew, Kate, Colin, Umar and Chris. It has been the best £100 i have ever spent on a course. Informative, fun, concise, well presented, easy to understand (not always easy to do, mind you!!!) I would thoroughly recommend this course above any other for those who wish to fine tune, tweak or learn new ways of training and new focuses in your goals. The ethos and passion shown by the trainers were second to none. Well done all and thank you again.

    p.s.thank you again for helping me achieve my first (hopefully of many) muscle up! Take care guys and keep up the great work.


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