WOD 15 June: Gymnastics night

16 Jun

It was an interesting evening with the new class times of 6, 7 and 8pm (for gymnastic nights only) some back roll tips, and back walkover practise.

Some phenomenal improvements in skill. Sure, no one is an Olympian (yet!), but I’m guessing that most will have a back flip within 6 months.

Some back roll tips (bear in mind that Amelia has a broken arm)


Philip gets bullied into a better back roll


Top of the class Daniel is well on the way to a back walk-over


Rita’s first ever go at a back walkover


Kate’s first attempt at a back walk over….ever


The judgement point for this class is not if Amelia can get a teenage break dancer a new move – it’s if she can get a new skill into a terrified 5o year old!

4 thoughts on “WOD 15 June: Gymnastics night

  1. May I say, being one of the older and more terrified of these adults – these classes are more than merely enjoyable.

    Gymnastics was on the curriculum at my school, but I remember learning nothing at all. I was heavy, ungainly and scared – so the teacher just completely ignored me and worked with the “naturally gifted” kids.

    Amelia is not just tremendously skilled, she is kind and patient and funny! She and her team make learning these tricky moves a joy. I feel like I’m overcoming a lifetime of misconceptions about my own ability. And giving a poke in the eye to my old gym teacher!

    Thank you, trainers, and thank you Andrew for making these lessons happen.

  2. What is it with school gym teachers? Mine was awful too. When I first went to secondary school I wanted to try out for the advanced gym club – her only question was whether or not I could do a back walkover or not, the answer to which was no (horrible, stiff shoulders) and that was that. No consideration for the fact that I could do a handspring over a vault, somersaults etc. I couldn’t do a back walkover, so she wouldn’t even watch me try out. MEAN!

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