WOD 2 June: High Rep Deadlifts

02 Jun

There is something, “not very nice” about high rep, multiple set deadlifts intermingled with multiple muscle-up practise, followed by an isometric back hold test.

I just think it’s very wrong.

  • 20 reps deadlift
  • muscle up practise
  • x 5 or 6, um, really, a bit

In choosing the loads, you need  a load you can do all 20  with the aim of lifting 100kg easily in the near future. Focus on form, and try and keep your lungs in your chest.


Re the isometric back hold (extension), cross your arms over your chest and ( this is  a bit sexist)

  • Guys you are aiming for 162 seconds
  • and, lovely girls, you are aiming for 185 seconds

8 thoughts on “WOD 2 June: High Rep Deadlifts

  1. 110kg 20 rep max ( 120 couldnt complete)
    45 seconds on the back extension
    and My First Muscle Up ! Can I get a whoo hoo!

  2. The 7.30 boys deployed some strategic “pissing about” to limit proceedings to four sets of deadlifts.


    54 seconds on the back hold. Efe, you actually held on for 56 seconds.

  3. 52kg max for the deadlift. My back doesn’t like me much today.

    Still annoyed about the back extension – a measley 44 seconds. Lame. Last time was 90 secs!

    Efe: WOO HOO!

  4. 60k on the deadlifts,thanks to Andrew’s bullying “I don’t care if your hands hurt!”. Baby, you’re so forceful!

    95 secs back extension hold

    Woots to everyone. And woot-woot Efe!

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