WOD 20 June: Bags’o’fun

20 Jun

Today was a good day to try out the new sandbags what I made yesterday (innit?)

Sunday’s morning’s class were treated to a variety of sandbag related moves as a warm up/for my personal amusement. We squatted, cleaned and pressed, and even ran around loading and unloading them. Fun times.

My personal favourite warm-up: Sandbag hat or Sandbag beard
My personal favourite warm-up: "Sandbag hat or Sandbag beard"

We also had a pop at three tries for max duration handstand holds (against the wall). Tran and Rita dominated this one. Again.

And then to the WOD, a prickly combination of sumo deadlift high pulls and push-jerks. Who thought THAT up?

The WOD with no name

  • Sumo deadlift high pull x1
  • Push-jerk x1

Add one rep to each exercise each round. As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

Christian, Rita & Kieran
Christian, Rita & Kieran

I feel that is the sign of a good Sunday morning WOD, if people feel compelled to take a little ‘rest’ afterwards…

Rita and Kieran
Rita and Kieran

We also had a terrific crop of beginners coming through for our 1100 Sunday Beginners class. We are delighted to welcome Gemma and Milly to CrossFit London. And congratulations to Gideon, Selim, Brie and Sabrina who all graduated to the main classes today – woo hoo!

On a side note: I thought I did very well to not confuse (much) Sophie, Sophia and Stephanie today.

More photo’s on the CrossFit London Flickr page, here.

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