WOD 3 June: Front Squats and Double unders

03 Jun

Taking Andrew’s lead with high rep range deadlifts, today front squats in rep range 20!!!! 20 is the Magic number!

20, 20 ,20 Front Squats Whoop Whoop

You go there Phil
You go there Phil

Just to break up the day we had a spot of double under practise. The winner setting a small body weight WOD 3 sets of 10.

The WOD for today was a Fran inspired mash up. Using the 21,15,9

21 Front squats

15 Swings

9 Press ups

9 Front Squats

21 Swings

15 Press ups

15 Front Squats

9 Swings

21 Press ups

Legs and wrists feeling the burn nicely after this satisfying WOD!

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