WOD 4 June: Randy does not mean naughty

04 Jun

Well, I was looking forward to a really positive write up, after some  great performances of Randy.

75 x 35kg Power snatches for time.

Marcus really got the bar to “explode” upwards. Well done.

Unfortunately, we had to stand Twyla and Brett in the naughty corner for starting a chalk ball war….

Twyla, on the way to the naughty corner with her badge/ chalk mark of honour
Brett initially a chalk ball victim, showed a willingness to retaliate

4 thoughts on “WOD 4 June: Randy does not mean naughty

  1. Silly Twyla! Bloody good shot though.

    But the truth needs be told…… Warren started it all off!

    1. Recently uncovered evidence suggests that the outcome of the fight might have been more…decisive:

      What do they say about history being written by the victors…?

  2. Steven! I like the way you think….wish I could say I one that fight, Brett got me pretty good 😉

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