WOD 9 June: The pain is in his eye…

09 Jun

A sick little twist on Fight Gone Bad.

Rather than a minute at each station, you continue exercising until everyone has performed at least 2o reps on each station. Perhaps slightly more rest between stations, possibly 90 seconds between rounds… but somehow that does not seem to take away the pain. In case you cannot spot implications, this means if you are the first one to get to 20, you continue the exercise for as long as you can, and until everyone else also reaches 20.

The result, everyone gets an idea what a “300” feels like.

Some of the post WOD fun included max hangs for time

Jahn on his way to a 1 minute 57 hang for time

And, as a little brag, I finally made it to 20 strict pull ups!

2 thoughts on “WOD 9 June: The pain is in his eye…

  1. I enjoyed this. Box jumps no longer strike ultimate fear into me. OTOH, I was quite upset with my wallball, until I noticed that it was directly after the push press.

    I think we’re all missing a trick with the push-press though. I think it’s probably possible to bang out 45+ in a minute, esp as there’s the rower next.

    Push presses in a minute as a cameo workout soon?

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