WOD 31 July: Burpee Hell!

31 Jul

WOD 31.07.2010

So the morning started with a playful warm up of press ups sit ups and squats. We used the clock method. Form a circle for the press ups hold the front support position and each individual performs the set number of reps one at a time until every one has completed their turn. Of course the faster you go the less time you spend in the front support position. We repeated this for sit ups, holding a variation of the dish, and then squats holding the bottom of the squat. Its a playful team orientated way to warm up.  We then put in some excellent practice of kipping and muscle ups.  There was some excellent work by Warren and Temi was looking very strong.  But big improvements all round.

The WOD was a Burpee Ladder. With a running clock perform one burpee in the first minute, two in the second, three in third and so on to failure.  We experienced the classic “J” effort curve here.  And for a lot of people this was their first experience of a ladder. It basically just hits you hard all of a sudden and then you just want it to stop!  Any thing over 10 minutes is good and anything over 15 minutes is excellent.  Ladders are a great way to build strength in a weak movement.  I use them for getting stronger at thrusters in particular.  Ten minutes of 40kg thrusters is 55 reps.  Soon puts Fran into perspective.

We finished with an After Party of box jumps.

On a side note I like to run a monthly challenge at TSG4.  Usually a challenge that will help you improve or learn a new skill.  I went to see the Cirque d’Soleil last night, simply amazing. So in honour of them this months challenge is rope climbing. For the whole of August. In the first week perform two rope climbs every day, if you miss a day you need to make them up.  In the second week perform 4 every day, the third week 6 and the last week 8 climbs every day.  If you don’t rope climb experiment with scaling option, such as pulling yourself up from the seated position.  Enjoy.

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