Farewell, Rita!

26 Jul

It is with a heavy heart that CrossFit London’s favourite Philadelphian, Rita is leaving us to return to that strange place on the other side of the Atlantic.

Rita has been with us for seven glorious months, and has been an inspiration and a joy to have around the Blackboard Gym. Whether it is her incredible ability to chat through even the toughest workouts, or her capacity to crank out kipping pull-ups, it’s never a dull moment with her around!

She’s off for a brief trip to Australia before returning for a couple of workouts at the end of August, and then…away.

Rita during Friday's Fight Gone Bad
Rita during Friday's Fight Gone Bad

Farewell, Rita! Come visit again!

6 thoughts on “Farewell, Rita!

  1. Have a lovely time in Aus, and hope to see see you when you come back for a last hurrah. I’ll miss you, tiny tough lady! Kxxxxx

  2. Hey everyone–thank you for this (just discovered it while trawling the website of paradise in Bethnal Green–i.e. that’s you guys!). What is it about CrossFit London that brings out the affection in all of us? Nobody does it better than you all–a perfect combination of hard ass, empathy, and sophistication. And my favorite co-sufferers anywhere! I’ve had so much fun getting to know all of you (and, as Steven points out, chatting with you during work outs). Hopefully I’ll see some of you the last week of August.

    Found a CrossFit here in Perth, went there tonight (out in the middle of nowhere, on a soulless industrial strip miles out of town): nice set up, big but also rather impersonal, hard work out (weighted, strict, kipping pull ups), but not a lot of hands-on teaching.

    Ergo, CrossFit London rules!


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