The website is a little broken [Public Announcement]

04 Jul

The website is a little broken at the moment, and running even more slowly than before.

This is in part due a recent upgrade to the latest version of the WordPress software (3.0) and also due to the convergence of factors technical, physical, philosophical and spiritual i.e. I haven’t a clue why this is happening.

So consider this advanced warning that as I open up the bonnet and start tugging at stray wires (SQL), hitting things with a hammer (PHP), and generally using a spanner (HTML) instead of a screwdriver (CSS), things may get a little worse before they get better. If, indeed, they ever get better…

Needless to say our online booking and scheduling system will continue to run just fine, as it is looked after by technical experts who actually know what they are doing…

Even so, it may be useful just to bookmark that particular page…you know…just in case.

Online booking and scheduling:

Also: I know lolcats are sooo 2008, but they’re just adorable. Just look at his wittle face…awww…look at it!

2 thoughts on “The website is a little broken [Public Announcement]

  1. We all know you’re a hammer man, Steven 🙂

    While you are at it, can we have the widget which listed the latest posts and latest comments back, please?

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