WOD 11 July: There’s a catch* (there always is…)

11 Jul

Not sure what it was, but I really enjoyed today’s session at the Blackboard Gym. To be fair, I enjoy every session, but today’s really made me smile.

Perhaps it was a our warm-up of plyometric box jumping over boxes that kept increasing in height…bouncing is fun!

Ben scoffs at danger...
Ben scoffs at danger...

Maybe it was the 20x sandbag step-up/10x handstand push-ups (2 rounds) that followed…in reterospect, probably not…

Could it have been the rope climbing practise?

It was pretty awesome to watch our fearless CrossFit London ladies scale the tall climb for the first time. Hats of to Anna for making it to the top twice! Milly, Stephanie, Sharona and Sophie all did really well on their first attempts as well! Whoop whoop!

And that’s before we get to Rita, Yuri, Ben and Kieran who all mastered the “no-legs” short climb!

You know, I think it was WOD that pleased me most. Borrowed from this year’s CrossFit Games European Regionals, this was a slightly modified version of Event 1 of the Affiliate competition:

  • 50 Front squats (30kg/20kg)
  • Block run
  • 50 Kettlebell swings (24kg/16kg)

Athletes work in pairs, with each athlete completing 50 front squats before progressing to the run.

*And here’s the catch: before the first athlete is allowed to begin their squats their partner must have their weight in a full overhead lock out position. The weight must remain in the overhead lock out position, while the first partner performs their squats. Once the overhead lock out position is compromised the squats performed no longer count. Once the weight is again in the overhead lock out position the athlete may continue the squats.

Anna and Milly
Anna and Milly

I loved the teamwork and camaraderie that the whole group showed; loads of support and encouragement through a pretty gruelling WOD. Awesome!

We also got a chance to welcome visiting crossfitter Donna, from CrossFit South Bay in California. She joins the ever growing ranks of folk who have visited CrossFit London.

Gotta say, it was a good day!

More pics on the CrossFit London Flickr page, here.

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