WOD 15 July: Heavy OHS

15 Jul

I dragged myself out of my deathbed today to treat you lot to some heavy OHS. If it was tough for you guys then I was right there with you!!!!

We began with warming up with some PVC overheads getting our technique on point before slapping on some weight and going for 5 sets 5,5,3,3,3.

Nice work Phil
Nice work Phil

Unfortunately my camera battery died before the end of the first class! But not before I caught Alec and his 50Kg OHS

Go on there Alec! Whoop.
Go on there Alec! Whoop.

Our main wod was broken into two, one 12 min tabata and a 10min amrap.

As follows

Tabata (fight gone bad)

Sumo’s – Push press – Jump Squats


4 burpees, 4 swings, 2 snatches (each side)

Well Done to all!

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