WOD 19 July: Death by 10m

19 Jul

It was a lovely night.

A strength biased Crossfit Warm up with particular focus on shoulder mobility in the samson stretch.

We escalated the weight on the overhead squats and converted the 2nd and 3rd rounds of pull ups and dips to weighted ones.

With Andrew back from his Crossfit Endurance certification, it was time to sling “Death by 10 metres” into the mix,

As the header photo shows, start off  walking, then (photos below) run…then collapse. Or more exactly, one 10m shuttle in the first minute (10 meters? Are we sure? It’s far too short a distance…), two 10m shuttles in the second minute…quite comfortable until 10 minutes. 12 to 19 minutes become, er, challenging…

...then run really fast...
...until you need to stop.

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