WOD 25 July: No photos, please. We’re British.

25 Jul

So…we kicked off with heavy thrusters (five sets of three) before I threw in a the curve-ball of a heavy set of 10! Perhaps I was the only one who enjoyed that?

We had a brief dalliance with box jumping, especially the question of “how high can you jump”. T’was impressive.

Finally a cheeky little kettlebell WOD to finish:

  • 1x Kettlebell swing (16kg/12kg)
  • 1x Goblet squat (16kg/12kg)

On the minute, increase by +1 with each successive minute. Continue until pooped. We started at 3x on account of me being impatient.

No pictures today.

2 thoughts on “WOD 25 July: No photos, please. We’re British.

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