WOD 7 July: Fran and some abs

08 Jul

Much to everyone’s surprise it was finally Fran night, not Franish, or Fran’s big brother, Pete, or a Fran variation, just plain old Fran.

21, 15, 9

  • 42kg Thrusters
  • Pull ups.

Well done to Trevor on his 5 min 39 sec  personal best as rxd.


Followed by an abdominal “workshop” discussing  and practicing skills as diverse as Janda sit ups, suitcase deadlifts, jack knives, Sizzor crunches and good old dishes and a nice does of abdominal ischemia.

Rita holds a plank with her feet in the rings, then.....
rita pulls her knees to her chest and squeezes, before extending her legs again
hold a weight on your shins then extend your legs
Kirsty picks up the bar in one hand, but keeps her torso balanced

The weighted leg extensions and the weighted crunches were fun.

But, we have now looked at “time under tesnsion”, weights, twists, etc, etc, so we are all bored with “normal Ab stuff”, so after Sallys class tonight, Id like to declare her the winner, as she got more grown men to whine than I did, and, no more to “Ab Dabs” for a while.

We will put a little guide together for those who want 6 packs

One thought on “WOD 7 July: Fran and some abs

  1. My first Fran since she tore my shoulder to bits was all a bit scary, but I survived unscathed!

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