WOD 8 July: Ab-dab and Jerks

08 Jul

Sessions began with a run through of our beloved Crossfit movements to warm the soul. Light weights for 10 reps each.

The aim for our next portion was to pick apart the push jerk and get our form spot on. We took our 1RM for a strict press and added over the course of 4 sets of 8. It was not a case of who can lift the most but more of good form with progressive weight. Some great improvements across the board and a good understanding of the mechanics needed for a good jerk (no pun intended)

Our WOD for today was based on the 2x table…

  • 4 Hang Squat Cleans
  • 6 Front Squats
  • 8 Knees 2 Elbows
  • 10 Box Jumps

AMRAP 15 Mins

Good to see you back Neil!
Good to see you back Neil!

And to follow Ab-Dabs

My theory on good abs is quite simply time under tension. Continuously hold a dish shape with varying arm and leg movements over a period of time.

2.30m was the tension time with a 30s recovery.

I can only describe the movement as a fancy name for them eludes me??

  • Shoulders lifted, back pressed to matt, legs extended opening and closing the legs (hands by ears)Very dignified!

Very dignified!

  • Scissor kicks. Again shoulders lifted, back pressed to mat. We followed this by adding a twist to the movement

Beautifully executed Gemma
Beautifully executed Gemma
  • Lightly grounding the heels we sat back into the movement and twisted
Good work Trev!
Good work Trev!
  • Finally one leg extended and the other into the chest we used a slow count of 1,2 and swapped the legs over.
Temi loved this one!
Temi loved this one!

Kudos out to the girls who didn’t whine nearly as much as the boys!!!!

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