Another special day [CrossFit London i-Course, Aug 2010]

29 Aug

There is something unique about a Crossfit London i-Course and that is the opportunity to witness so much improvement in so many people in such a short space of time.

For many people this is the first step away from silly gyms and their machines into a world where skill merges with strength and flexibility and agility and endurance, over all the  energy systems (not just the long slow jogs).

In the morning session, 17 fabulous attendees stormed their way through the olympic lifts and our world famous squat correction workshop.

In the thick of the snatch progressions

Whilst covering all of the fundamental moves (but using the full barbell clean, rather than a medicine ball clean) they learned how to engage their hips, how to commit to one direction then switch in a real display of agility, and that real moves involve real world mastery of balance, not wobbling on gym balls.

The afternoon was a great mix of gymnastics body weight drills covering the handstand push up, pull ups (strict and kipping) dips, muscle ups and push ups and some  frankly, nasty core exercises.

The event also welcomed new presenters Phil and Efe, of whom,  I’m sure, we will see much more in the future And  Kate Pankhurst with her “paint the wall with your elbows” drill for the front squat. Thanks to Rita and Peter who turned out to help poke and prod and cue and encourage.

Efe and Phil coaching the muscle up

A special well done to John for his first ever muscle up!

John cracks out his first muscle up and gets a halo

And  a big “you’re awesome” to  Jim who as a 60 year old was the second oldest person to attend an i-Course, ever!

A great group, thanks for being there!

Class of August 2010

Loads more photos from the day on the CrossFit London Flickr pages, here.

WOD 28 August: Brutal But Beautiful

28 Aug

A fantastic turnout today at Crossfit London. After warming up we skilled and drilled the rings. We looked at Muscle Up progressions and Mark did amazingly well with a fantastic only slightly assisted Muscle Up.  Well on the way to a true version.  We looked at assisted and scaled front support and ring dips. After all that we quickly ran through levers and then finished with some Iron Cross work again looking how we can scale these movements. You will never see this in a Crossfit WOD.  But mastering the rings and all they can offer you will just help to make you a more complete athlete.  It was a packed session this Saturday so we moved swiftly on to the WOD. The simplicity of a triplet tasked as an AMRAP quickly became a slog.  25 minutes of 21 SDLHP 15 Burpees and 9 Thrusters. The required weight was 40kg but it could be scaled as all ways.  The catch today was a two lap block run buy in.  So you could not start your AMRAP until this was completed.  Most people ended up with a 20 minute grind. Brutal but beautiful, well in my eyes anyway.

So during this workout it soon became apparent that a full on blast was not possible and after we debriefed the WOD.  We discussed strategies and “gaming”. In my experience after some time Crossfitting you will become very proficient at judging a WOD on paper and you will learn to formulate strategies on how to best achieve a good Metcon without blowing up half way through.  You have to balance this need to create a load on your system and achieving a good score.  With time this will become second nature.

A big hello and goodbye to Rita who made a flying visit today, your muscle up will come soon,I know it.

WOD 28 August: Double unders and knees to elbows

28 Aug

While london bank holidayers made their way home, or collapsed in the pub , or prepared to wind their waists out at the Nottinghill carnival the 5.30pm crossfit london team were joined by Teresa Crismon and Phil  Trojanowski ( one of 3 Phils  in the room) to smash through a charming couplet of

double unders

knees to elbows

50, 40, 30, 20, 10.

visiting crossfitters Teresa Crismon and Phil Trojanowski smash through some knees to elbows

what a fantastic start to the weekend.

WOD 26th August- Oh the rain did make us a funny bunch today

26 Aug

Cleaning and Handstands!

Good to see Rita back but not for long!!

We did some heavy cleaning, 2 warming sets of 5 at 50%, with 2 sets following with progressive weight and again 5 reps.

Then on with 2 working sets of 3 with a touch and go system! Lots of laughs with Phil (joke joke joke)

We then finished off with a deceivingly hard ladder of handstand push ups and ring dips.

10 mins each 1 on min 1 and 2 min on min 2 and so forth.

Good work from all! oh and camera is still on the missing list!!!

Wod 25 August 2010 Nate

25 Aug

Tonight it was


Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

Cindy masters the transition

see how others did  080212.

All this followed by some flexibility

new comer Simon introduces himself to Millie

and a blast fronm the past with a flying visit from Rita, pictured here getting some muscle up tips from philip

Rita pulls in the transition

WOD 22 August: It’s good to be back

23 Aug

After a couple of weeks away in the sun, it was good to be back in the Blackboard gym!

To celebrate we had a mixed bag of fun and games in the class today.

We started with one of those warm-ups that just seems to go on forever; you know, lots of squats, presses with and without the bar. Thoroughly warmed up, we had a quick punt at broad jump and barrier hop burpees. Just for fun, of course!

A little skills session on the kettlebell Turkish get-up followed as a few folks got their first experience of this great strength and balance move.

To finish we had a punt at this cheekily little sprint of a WOD:

5 rounds for time

5x ring dips
10x pull-ups
15x front squats (42.5kg/35kg/20kg)

It’s one of those that only really catches up with you in the second or third rounds. 75 weighted front squats takes it’s toll on everything!

Good work!

WOD 23rd August -Wod out of Hell!!!!

23 Aug

Again my apologies for no photos of the actual wod, though some of you cheered at the thought of no pics as this was a particularly devilish session…..

After 3 Wks of Snatching practise we now had to put that practise into play. Our more advanced members going for some lovely looking snatches with a hefty weight behind it. Others still getting to grips with the technique after our wks of practise with only a bar began tentatively to add some weight surprising themselves with there achievements, well done I think it deserves a big WHOOP WHOOP!

Now on to the WOD from hell…….


Burpees, Box Jumps, Knees 2 Elbows

And yes it was a shocker to the system, well done to all!

WOD 21 August: King Of Strength Lifts

23 Aug

Saturday had a great feeling about it this week; the first Crossfit London BBQ was to happen straight after my Saturday session. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone in a more social setting. But before we got there we had to experience the incredible load dead lifts can place on your system. The Deadlift has been described as the king of strength lifts. It is incredibly versatile from eye popping 1 rep max efforts to mind torturing high rep schemes, it can simply work everything.

So we started with some fun and games a warm up playing silly relay races. Absolutely nothing wrong with warming up while having a good laugh and you cannot beat a bit of competition to spur you on.

We then looked at the Deadlift and all its variations; examined and discussed how you can improve your Deadlift by training it in many different ways. Grip, stance, range of motion was all discussed and tried. I seriously encourage you to make this an essential part of your strength program.

Then on to the WOD, a 15 minute max rep task. Five minutes of body weight dead lifts, followed by five minutes of press-ups finishing with five minutes of pull-ups. You add your totals for a score. I scored 195 and felt my hamstrings for over two days!

It was amazing how the dead lifts just sapped your system making the subsequent movements incredibly hard. Take a look at Trevor for the proof!

A big well done to Warren with an awesome score.

Skip to it….

22 Aug

Skipping, and double-unders are about to hit Crossfit London UK big time. Most Crossfit competitions seem to feature double unders, it’s an achievable skill, and its pretty cool (if done well)

I’m going to suggest you get your own personal skipping rope. Obviously there will always be skipping ropes available at the gym, but ideally you want one that’s the right length for you and your skill level. The ones in the gym are really good –  if you are a great skipper. But the rope turns really fast and whips you on the back of the head, arms, legs if you get a turn wrong. It hurts and it marks.

It’s also worthwhile having your own rope in your training kit so you can practice in your own time. Also a quick 100 double unders gives you a welcome  exercise break.

I took Kate to a sports shop today  and we picked up a pair of “Nortech”  speed ropes which seems to be fine. They have a website if you fancy them as an option. If you can recommend other makes, let us know by posting in comments.

We would also like to hold a mini skipping clinic. But, holding our hands up, our skipping skills are not that great. So, if you know of a good skipping trainer (who can teach basics and tricks) drop me an email.

Crossfit London UK BBQ: Thank you!

22 Aug

I think it’s safe to say this was a roaring success. Great food, great people and a lot of fun.

Thanks Andrew for all the fetching, carrying, Steven for being on grilling duty all afternoon, and to all of you for coming. There were lots of delicious signature dishes you went to a lot of trouble to create. And wow lots of cakes too – thank god!

Andrew and Steven: "it's paleo chocolate cake, honest!"

Special shout out to Trevor and Helen for the lush Dwyer-burgers and Trevor-mole (I’ve got the last of that in the fridge) and for the amazing gift! That has to be the best toilet seat known to humanity. We’re touched to the bottom of our….hearts!

When we use it, we'll always think of Helen and Trevor!
Hope you liked my bunting, too.

Here’s some more pictures on Flikr

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