WOD 11 September: Flourless chocolate cake…

11 Sep

Saturday 11th September saw a spin on the classic Fight Gone Bad WOD.

We warmed up and then revisited the clean. Practising three variations, muscle, power and squat clean. Working on a violent opening of the hips, aggressive shoulder shrug and getting to full extension.

After this it was on to the nasty WOD. A great little twist on FGB that you can take anywhere. There was a slight game element to it, with the chance to score extra reps as well as lose reps. The five stations were each worked for a minute with no rest in between only resting in the sixth minute and completing three whole rounds of five exercises.

Which were handstand hold or a plank hold.

Joy holds a plank
Joy holds a plank

Second Burpees :-), third box jumps, fourth, knees to elbows and lastly squat jumps. You counted each rep for a total score. If you managed to complete a whole minute of the plank or handstand hold you got a 10 rep bonus, if you failed you got a 5 rep penalty for each time. Anyone with a score in the 200’s was doing amazingly well.

Selim holds a handstand
Selim holds a handstand

We finished with an Afterparty of flourless chocolate cake. Delicious! Anyone who wants the recipe just drop me an email.

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  1. Anyone who wasn’t there this morning for the cake seriously missed out, it was a-ma-zing!! my motivation increased 110%. thanks Colin!!

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