WOD 25 September: Barbaric Barbara

25 Sep

Saturday 25th September 2010

Autumn has definitely arrived with bright morning sunshine and a fresh northerly wind.  Personally I love this time of year there’s something about getting up early feeling the chill and at the end of a great WOD letting the fresh air cool you down.  It was Barbara today, or Babs, as I like to call her.  An extremely deceptive WOD and a little complex too.  Five rounds for time of 20 Pull Ups, 30 Press Ups, 40 Sit Ups and 50 Squats.  At the end of each round you note your time and rest as required. That’s the complicated bit.  Usually two to three minutes is plenty. You definitely want to avoid cooling off too much.  This WOD will make you strong.  It is not really a massive load on the heart and lungs, which allows you to really concentrate on your form and getting a good range of motion.  If you want to get stronger at any or all of these movements Babs will do it for you.  At the end of this WOD you add up all your times for a total time.  That’s your score to beat.  If you are getting close to three minutes each round you are doing fantastically well.  But anything close to five minutes is really good.

Some great efforts on the kipping by Kirsty, Rosie and JD.  This is where you can really make your time up here. There will be more kipping practice in the future along with pull up conditioning.  Joy excellent press ups today.

How do you decide to rest in this WOD ? Well as mentioned before ensure you don’t cool off.  But you need to recover from the massive pump you will feel. Forearms and shoulders and chest can get massively pumped in this circuit. Rosie had the right idea lying down can help reduce the heart rate quicker and curling up with a blanket can let you catch up some sleep time too!  A fantastic effort all round for this massive WOD.

For the future you should know I will be requiring your fingerprints and a sample of your DNA this is so I can identify the usual suspects responsible for the below:

The Usual Suspects

Seriously take your sh!t home or bin it!

Any way enough moaning.  How do you tell if you are dead lifting the bar close enough to your body? Well just ask Kate, one my beginners today;

Crossfit medals, we love them.

Colins Challenge-October

Lastly I want to issue a monthly challenge starting in October. But October will have started before I probably post again so I will explain now.  I have been running this for a while where I work and it seems to work pretty well.  Each challenge will last one month and will look to improve or strengthen a skill.  They are all scalable and can be done away from the gym.  This months is the handstand!  If you have a handstand hold then you are off and running and we are going to make you stronger.  In week one you are to hold a handstand against a wall or something suitable, for 20 seconds. Then rest 20 seconds. Repeat this for a total of four times and your are done.  But you must do this every day! If you miss a day you have to make it up.  Week two will be 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, week three 40 seconds, week four, 50 seconds on 50 seconds off.  If you complete the challenge you will have been upside down for a total of 1 hour 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Scaling. If you can’t do a handstand hold you could decide this is the month you are going to learn to do it.  Grab me or one of the other coaches and we can teach you how.  Or you can try one of the scaled versions such as the piked position off a box or sturdy chair looking to get your back vertical and your bum as high as possible.  If you cannot get 20 seconds to start with then reduce by 5 seconds and keep doing so until you find your level.  Then look to add 5 to 10 seconds per week.  Have a look at these:

In particular Nicoles piked position on a box a great way to start getting strong at being upside down.  Remember these are static holds so don’t forget to breathe! I want you to send me pictures of the craziest places you have practiced your handstand holds. Colin@CrossfitLondonUk .com  The best picture will win one of my chocolate cakes! I love the dog licking moment!


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