9 thoughts on “Fresh coat of paint

  1. Looks great Steven, if you need any help with anything to do with the website, give me a shout and i’ll do my best to help out!

  2. That would be greatly appreciated, thank you Simon.

    I am having the same experience as taking something apart, reassembling it, and being left with a few errant screws…

  3. I am a fan, definately more user friendly. Minor point; that it is a little less obvious where the record and thread for the Work outs of that day (or the day b4) are now located..Perhaps ‘Latest News’ tab could be renamed something else like; WODS, Latest Activity or Recent Posts??? Latest news makes me think its about other matters.

  4. It’s in a different league!

    Hope to be back next week by the way. Have been resting shoulder and knee!

  5. We know what a WOD is, but a visitor new to Crossfit may not, I think its best to be as clear and inclusive as possible in the page markers. Latest news describes this page perfectly.

  6. I meant to say, just in my opinion;)
    Latest News is brief and to the point, but other titles may be better. What do other people think?

  7. I think you could just call it ‘the latest’? I also had trouble figuring out where to find the WODs…

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