WOD 7 Sept: Limbo, back squat and Amelia’s birthday

08 Sep

It was another fun day at Crossfit London UK, with the day’s WODs being slightly skewed to celebrate Amelia’s birthday. We bent over backwards (literally) and threw in some limbo practice: well done all.

Then it was off to focus on our back squat strength with 3 cute sets of  5 reps.

Then (phew what a packed evening!) it was

“Amelia’s Birthday”

  • 5 Pull ups
  • 10 clapping push ups
  • 15 box jumps

AMRAP 15 minutes.

Daniel mid-clap

Other highlights of the evening was seeing Efe following the Crossfit London cardio prescription and supporting the Mayor’s Cycle scheme

Efe's bike

And Phil leading Turkish get up practice with a “shoe on fist” balance approach

Shoes off for balance practice

6 thoughts on “WOD 7 Sept: Limbo, back squat and Amelia’s birthday

  1. back squat 120 3×5

    6 rounds 5 pull ups 10 happy clappy pushups

    boris bikes rule !!!

  2. Thanks for sorting my shoulder out Andrew managed a couple of pull-ups on the scaffold at work this morning so all good! He’s got ‘magic hands’ people!!

  3. Ahh thanks guys for endulging my slight ego-centricness and making the birthday WOD so much fun!

    Defo think we should make this a Blackboard Gym tradition, Hero WODS are all well and good but Birthday WODS promote a far more chirpy atmosphere I feel!

    55Kg at 3×5 (with proper depth)

    7 rounds (scaled to Red band pull ups and full press ups)


  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Amelia. Us Virgo’s are a tough bunch!

    Did 1X5 with 70kg, but wailed and wept so much, was sensibly made to take it down to 60kg for the 3X5

    6 and a bit rounds on your WOD

  5. Happy birthday!

    3×5 at 40kg, missed a full 6 rounds on the WOD by 5 box jumps. 🙁

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