WOD 18 Sept: “Roy” Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy

18 Sep

So we had lots of talk about a hero workout and I thought it was about time we tried one too.  Now as a coach I am faced with challenges of practically delivering a useful WOD. It has to be “fun”, but hard work and “doable” (that is a word isn’t it?).   So after much consideration I decided on ROY.  I have done this recently and found the deadlift critical in how the WOD pans out.  But I also knew that this could be a long slog for some people.  So I cut out the skills and drills session.  We went with a warm up followed by the WOD.  Five rounds for time of 15 deadlifts (100kg), 20 box jumps, 25 pullups.  Now back to that dead lift. Everything is scaleable in Crossfit so it was critical you got the right weight for you.  The load needed to be very challenging a real slog.  Too light and the workout becomes a different animal all together.

Now this soon highlighted something to me.  I love being asked questions, never stop, it makes me feel useful and sometimes a little important.  🙂 . But it became apparent that many of you did not know how much weight to use for this movement.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep a log of your lifting. Some of you maybe lifting outside of the gym, I really encourage this.  Some of you may only lift heavy when it is in the WOD in the gym.  Good too, but log this.  Your 1 rep max’  is vitally important it helps you decide what to lift if you are having to scale back the weight.  If we need more heavy lifting feed this back I can program this in.

With that said there were some sterling efforts today. Phillip took the WOD on as required, your optimism before the WOD was matched by your grit towards the end, fantastic.  Kirsty turned up while feeling really unwell, commendable.  Sophia battled through forearm pump, good work.  Joy it’s time to start using the blue band!

I have lots to say on this blog.  I like to play music during the WOD  I find it a welcome distraction and often motivates me through the tough times.  But you have all had to listen my playlist. So its time to get some of your tracks on that list. Please email me (Colin@crossfitlondonuk.com) or post suggestions here.  I will endeavour to get as many as I can on to the playlist.

Christmas! There are only 97 sleeps left as I write this. If you don’t believe me check here http://www.emailsanta.com/clock.html .  So it’s been suggested by Joy we should organise a Crossfit London UK Christmas party.  So again any suggestions would be greatly received. An email will becoming out to you all shortly to get a feel for numbers etc… Please reply.

Lastly I am going to be posting a monthly challenge starting at the beginning of each month and running the whole month.  So keep an eye out for Octobers Colin’s Challenge.

11 thoughts on “WOD 18 Sept: “Roy” Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy

  1. Agree re keeping a log, I haven’t been doing it for long but it will definitely help track progress and see improvements.

    I like the various music the different trainers play, you can always tell it’s a Colin wod if you hear guitars and metal, a Sally wod if it’s dancey or drum n bassy, a Steven wod if it’s a bit of indie and an Andrew wod if there’s some girly RnB going on (sorry Andrew, this is just based on that Cindy we did the other day!)

    I’ve heard you play some Bullet, some more of that would be great along with some Pendulum and Prodigy, they always make me work harder and faster!

    Looking forward to these challenges!

  2. Great WOD but it was a killer! Will try the blue bands for high reps next time 🙂

  3. hey colin,

    the music i played in that WOD a few weeks ago that got such great feedback can be downloaded for free from http://www.bestofbootie.com – there are ‘best of albums’ for each year from 2005 onwards. i believe i played the 2005 mix, but could have been 2006. nothing like nirvana mixed with beegees, or the killers mixed with the clash.

  4. 75 100kg deadlifts, 100 2 ft box jumps and 125 pull-ups. Sounds nuts when you add it up! My first hero work-out, 28 mins 28secs.Was a little worried about today – but no soreness after high dose fish oil last night …!

    re music – Ipods are great, but docking stations tend to be item specific so why not get an old CD player into the gym so anyone can bring in CDs to play? I have an old dusty player in my garage, but they’re easy to find these days.

  5. Great hero workout. By the way, what’s up with the “Box-Jump effect”? They seemed easier with each round… Colin remarked during the WOD that they should be getting easier and they were!

  6. Right some Pendulum, Prodigy and some serious mash ups. Brie the pickle and chutney was delicious! x. Duren the box jump effect is weird and I don’t know the answer. Sometimes it takes something else more horrible to make something seem better. The old punch on the arm to take your mind off your stomach ache syndrome?

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